Back in the Saddle

After a brief hiatus to North Carolina for my sister’s wedding, it’s back to Charlottesville and back to work!  (The wedding was beautiful by the way.  It was held at Pilot Mountain in NC just a couple hours north of Chapel Hill area.)Anyway, my return to songwriting has brought what I consider maybe the best one that I’ve written thus far.  It’s not super filled with synthesizers or anything like that, but I did use software instruments for it.  The main one is a synthetic orchestra sound that almost just sounds like a muted guitar.  Along with that, the normal percussion comes along, as well as do some other random instruments.  The thing that I think sets this one apart is the use of voices as instruments that I employed (you’ll see when you get to the little breakdown) and I’m a little obsessed with it.  I really like how it turned out.  Oddly enough, my voice sounds really bright in this recording.  I’m not sure what I did differently in recording, but oh well!  It doesn’t sound bad, just different.  Anyway, have at it!  Leave feedback in the form of comments pleeaaasseeeeeee.  Thanks :).

Come What May (Lyrics)

Verse 1

So is this how it starts?

I hope that we haven’t gone too far

Come what may

Is what they say

So many friendships lost

And how?  What’s the cost?

Maybe someday we’ll learn to say


Time moves on, but we can’t lose hold of what we know.

Verse 2

We lost touch in a heartbeat

New horizons brighten young minds

Old relationships took the backseat

How’ve you been since we’ve been undone?

Tell me now, do you remember?

We used talk days away.

But now it’s been a summer

How fast the fragile can fray

I tell myself move forward.

Keep them in your memories because




Different Styles

This brand new song that I just finished this afternoon is a bit different in style from the last couple.  It’s written for just a piano and is more like a ballad in nature.  I’m not entirely sure if I like the way it turned out or not.  For some reason, the audio in the vocals sounds a bit choppy in parts, but I really like the chord progression in the piano.  I used my favorite chord in this one (which will probably pop up in a lot of future songs), the minor seven chord with the seventh in the bass (in this case, a Dm7 spelled CDFA).  I wrote this one for one of my final songs for my songwriting class this past semester with Steve Kemper.  I really like the song on paper, but I’m not sure it really fits my voice very well, but oh well!  I recorded it this afternoon and just put it up on Soundcloud not too long ago.  Hope you like it!  Comments and criticisms are appreciated!

I want to try to put more pictures in my posts, but today I don’t have any pictures that apply to this song, so here’s a LolCat.

All My Life (Lyrics)

Verse 1

You can’t say I’m alright without you.

I can say I’m all ready to come to

Just admit that it seemed we should never be as one,

but I can’t do this on my own



All my life I’ve been searching,

All my life it’s been hurting

Then I found what I’ve been looking for,

A feeling that I can’t ignore.

Verse 2

You know I would never do anything but

Say goodbye if I thought that this was nothing

More than fun.  There’s more to it this time

So please don’t go.  Stay long enough to let me show



You know where to find me.

I know there’s still time.

The hope’s not gone.

Please give me one more chance

And you’ll see that you’re good for me



Here’s one that I just finished this morning.  I figured I’d switch back and forth between posting old and new songs so that it’s more interesting for everyone.  This is another that I wrote an instrumental for back in high school for my band but never used.  I changed up a bunch of things to make it work and put it together in the last couple months.  The lyrics were written about a month ago, and final changes to melody and harmony were made yesterday and today as I was recording it.  I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Once again, I used only software instruments in Ableton Suite and all of the recorded voices are mine.  Once I get through all of these songs that I wrote for my band in high school, I can get around to attempting to be more adventurous in my songwriting.  I’m excited for that, but I have to finish what I’ve started first!  Here’s the link to the song:

Take a Break (Lyrics)

Verse 1

Need to catch my breath

You got me running in circles, so I’m nearly run to death.

There’s no reason to yell this time

Understand, it’s not that we could never be

We surely can, but it will take time to sort things out

Verse 2

Yeah I loved you once

But now I can’t always be so sure that you will pull these stunts

I’m left asking please, no more.

So just say if you ever have a preference

So that way we can finally decide to

Take a step back

It’s not easy but we have to

So we’ll know that this is real so please let’s take a break


Breathing deeply never felt so good.

I thought I never would.

Sit back, relax, take it slow.

Verse 3

Who knows what’s best?

I’d say neither of us right now.

See it as a test to know when, if, what, and how to solve

All the issues that we face when we try to stall

We can fix them if we do one thing

Break (Haha no pun intended)

Every time I think about it, all it does it make me shake.

So I know for my own sake, I really need to take a break. (x2)


Break – Outro


The First Good One

This song is one that actually has a long history.  I originally wrote an instrumental for two guitars, bass, and drums with the intention of playing it in my band back in high school.  We never got around to using it, so the progressions just sat collecting dust (e-dust?) on my computer.  This past year, I went back and reworked the instrumental to use various software synths and drums.  I later wrote lyrics and melody to it and recorded it in my room.  All of the instruments on this one are software instruments, and all of the parts in the vocals are me singing.  I like this one because I think the chorus is pretty catchy and can kind of get stuck in your head if you listen to it enough.  See for yourself!

Movin’ On (Lyrics)

And I see you coming back here

Please stop coming, start going back there

I’m afraid that this has to be the end.

This time last year, we had a great thing

But now it’s this year, and you can hear me sing

It seems to me that time has not been our friend

Hear what I say




You know when you come around that track

That I will never take you back

And you will see on down the road

That it’s better even though

Right now, it seems to you your life is tough

But I can tell you it’s not that rough

So even though it isn’t fun, get up and get movin’ on.


Verse 2

Oh won’t you listen closely to me?

There are plenty of fish in the sea

So please just rent a boat and go grab a rod

Because I just can’t handle your lies

It’s not worth it no matter how hard you try

To be true to me, it’s all a facade.

Hear what I say






You’ll never ever know, you’ll never ever see

You’ll never ever be what’s really good for me (x2)

Oh, no you’ll never know




Outro (Bridge lyrics)

Looking Back

Before I start posting new stuff, I need to get everything already finished up on the interwebz so that we can all be caught up!  This little gem is a song that my friends from high school Stephen Caviness, Chris Will, Greg McMurrer and I put together in December of 2010 as a band that we later dubbed “Fishtank Melon” much to Stephen’s dismay.   It was actually a really cool little collaboration.  We just said, “Hey guys, let’s write a song.” and each contributed parts.  The night before we met, I put together the instrumental using software instruments in Ableton Suite and Chris wrote lyrics.  In the instrumental, I made a bridge with only a beat in hopes that I could bring it to Stephen the next day and just tell him I wanted some guitar in the section.  I told him the chord progression and he just went into the recording room and whipped up the guitar riff in the bridge and the solo afterward out of nowhere.  Good ol’ Stevie.  While he did that, Chris, Greg, and I worked on condensing the lyrics and nailing down a melody.  Stephen came out and suggested a verse melody, and we used my chorus melody.  Then the three of them finished up condensing the lyrics and we were good to go.  Here are the lyrics:

Verse 1 (Chris – Melody)

And in a single heartbeat, another year is done

The past may seem lost, but the future’s been won

(Stephen – Melody)

It’s time to push through the mess and jump in the air

Lose yourself in the sound, release all your care

Chorus (Clay – Melody and Harmony)

We’re here in the music, we’re close in this room

Here’s our chance, so let’s use it.  It’ll be over soon.

Don’t dwell on what could be when you know where you have been

When we’re through with this story, start over again.

Verse 2 (Greg – Melody)

Fill the room with laughter just so we can stay sane

What we had together should erase all the pain

(Stephen – Melody)

We all have our own scars, our own faith and fear.

We’ll leave the drama to ring in the new year.

Chorus (Clay – Melody and Harmony)

Bridge (Greg – Spoken Word, Chris – Melody, Clay – Harmony, Stephen – Guitar)

[It’s time.  Spin around.  Throw your words to the sky.]

[Let your feet leave the ground.  There’s no need to be shy.]

Don’t bring yourself down, let the fireworks fly.

Every thought is profound as we bid the past goodbye.

Chorus (Clay – Melody and Harmonies)

Here’s the link to the file on Soundcloud.  Leave comments on either!  I hope you like it!