Missing in Action

I’ve been pretty wrapped up in AVP rehearsal week and the first week of classes.  I’ll catch back up this coming week with posts about A Change of Pace, two weekly favorites, and a post about Cold War Kids.  To all some seven people who check this blog, sorry I’ve failed for a week or so haha.  Here’s something to hold you over.


Weekly Favorites #4

Once again, sorry for the delay.  I’m at rehearsal week with my a cappella group and we’ve been pretty busy doing various things.


New Artist: A Change of Pace

Upcoming New Artist: Cold War Kids

Top 5 for this Week:

1) Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos

2) Muse

3) The Format

4) Coldplay

5) A Change of Pace

A Different Kind of Dub Step

Everyone is into dub step music nowadays.  It’s pretty cool, but I really have to be in the right mood in order to enjoy it.  The same goes for this week’s artist: Pendulum.

Pendulum is an Australian-British band that started around 2002.  They have three studio albums: Hold Your Colour (2005), In Silico (2008), and Immersion (2010).  I listened to all three of these this past week.

Hold Your Colour (2005)

1) Prelude

2) Slam

3) Plastic World

4) Fasten Your Seatbelt

5) Through the Loop

6) Sounds of Life

7) Girl in the Fire

8 ) Tarantula

9) Out Here

10) Hold Your Colour

11) The Terminal

12) Streamline

13) Another Planet

14) Still Grey

In Silico (2008)

1) Showdown

2) Different

3) Propane Nightmares

4) Visions

5) Midnight Runner

6) The Other Side

7) Mutiny

8 ) 9,000 Miles

9) Granite

10) The Tempest

Immersion (2010)

1) Genesis

2) Salt in the Wounds

3) Watercolour

4) Set Me On Fire

5) Crush

6) Under the Waves

7) Immunize

8 ) The Island – Pt I (Dawn)

9) The Island – Pt II (Dusk)

10) Comprachicos

11) The Vulture

12) Witchcraft

13) Self vs Self

14) The Fountain

15) Encoder


Pendulum classifies itself as having a drum and bass, electronic rock, electronica, and alternative rock fusion sound.  To me, it really all just seemed like a bunch of dudes playing heavy metal music with electronic instruments.  They use a lot of heavy, sharp synth sounds of all varieties.  They have similarities to dub step music, but they don’t seem to drive it as much with the bass drum and there isn’t usually much sense of a “drop.”  There are little to no vocals on the first two albums, but vocals begin to become more prominent on the third album, Immersion.  Here’s a video of one of their earlier, more dub-steppy songs.  Also, enjoy the awesome dancing fat guy in the video.


All in all, as I stated above, I really needed to be in the right mood to enjoy me some Pendulum.  Honestly, that didn’t happen very often throughout the week, so I should say that I’m not the biggest fan.  I’m not saying they’re bad, they’re just not my style.  If I had to pick a favorite album of theirs, it would definitely be Immersion.  The songs with vocals were more interesting to me than the pure instrumentals.  I’m sure this stuff would be awesome for parties and such, but not so much for my general listening purposes.

Weekly Favorites #3

Sorry about the delay.  I spent most of yesterday lying in bed sick with a fever of 101 and a headache that had been plaguing me since the previous Wednesday.  Anyway, here are this week’s stats:


New Artist: Pendulum (More to come)

Upcoming New Artist: A Change of Pace

Top 5 of this Week:

1) Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos

2) Frank Ocean

3) Muse

4) Pendulum

5) Sara Bareilles

Summer Sun

This week I looked into singer/songwriter Matt Wertz.  He is originally from LaVale, MD, but he finds his home in Nashville, TN.  He actually studied industrial design at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and developed his affinity for music while living in dorms with other students.  He gained a large part of his initial fan base performing at Young Life camps.  His first three albums, SomedaysTwentythree Places, and Everything in Between, were all self-released, and he has since released a fourth album under Universal Republic Records since his signing  in 2007.  This past January, he released his single Feels So Right for his album Weights and & Wings that was later released on March 15, 2011 (My birthday!).  He also has done a lot of work with his best friend and fellow singer/songwriter Dave Barnes.

Wertz has toured with several other musicians such as Jon McLaughlin, Jason Mraz, and Gavin Degraw.  His music has also been featured on the shows Brothers and Sisters, Wildfire, and One Tree Hill, as well as in the movies Employee of the Month and My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

To get my taste of Matt Wertz, I listened to Everything in Between and a few songs on Under Summer Sun.

Everything in Between

1)  The Way I Feel

2) Carolina

3) Heartbreaker

4) Over You

5) 5:19

6) I Will Not Take My Love Away

7) Like the Last Time

8 ) With You, Tonight

9) Naturally

10) Capitol City

And the songs I listened to on Under Summer Sun were:

Everything’s Right

Red Meet’s Blue

Keep Faith

Summer Sun

Back in June

I enjoyed what I listened to for the most part.  He has sound somewhat similar to Jon McLaughlin or Eric Hutchinson, sometimes seeming like a John Mayer meets Jason Mraz kind of artist.  A few of the songs are really catchy.  My favorites were probably Heartbreaker and Over You.  Carolina is also a great one.  Carolina is the song where you can definitely hear the John Mayer/Jason Mraz style, and the other two have a more electric feel, throwing them farther into the realm of pop (even though when I put his album into my iTunes, it classified the genre as folk-rock…).  Listen to Heartbreaker below.

The only song that I really didn’t like was Summer Sun.  I don’t know what it is, it just didn’t do it for me.  Otherwise, I would recommend Matt Wertz.  I won’t say he’s my favorite, but I could definitely listen to him fairly regularly.